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Premier Tech Aqua offers a solution that is perfectly adapted to modern families’ lifestyles as well as soil and climate problems – the Ecoflo septic system. This permanent solution requires no energy to treat domestic wastewater and is designed for new constructions as well as to replace faulty wastewater treatment systems used by principal or secondary residences.

Compared to traditional systems, the Ecoflo septic system occupies up to 75% less space, which allows for optimal land use. 

  • Ecoflo Coco Filter and Ecoflo Bi-Layer
  • System available in three types of tanks to meet the requirements of all field conditions
  • No electricity or mechanical component is required to treat the wastewater
  • Easy to design, simple to install
  • Superior quality, reliable and odourless system that provides total protection
  • Minimal footprint
  • Peace of mind guaranteed by a proven annual inspection program


The installation of an Ecoflo septic system is admissible to a tax credit for the upgrading of septic systems from the Quebec government.

To learn more, visit the Ecoflo Biofilter site

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Ecoflo Coco Filter – Polyethylene

40% smaller and more sustainable than ever Ecoflo Coco Filter model integrating a coco husk fragment-based filtering media. Now available in some US states, Western Canada, Quebec and the Maritimes. 2 to 6 bedrooms models are available.

Please contact your local PTA supervisor for more details

See its installation!

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Ecoflo Coco Filter – Polyethylene (PACK option)

An all-in-one compact solution integrating the Ecoflo Coco Filter and the septic tank. Faster and easier to install. It is our more compact solution ever.

Please contact your local PTA supervisor for more details

See its installation!

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Ecoflo Coco Filter – Concrete

Suitable for even the most difficult sites, this model is also available as kit to be integrated into concrete tanks made by local precasters to further reduce the carbon footprint of the product.

Please contact your local PTA supervisor for more details

See its installation!

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Ecoflo Bi-Layer – Polyethylene

A ready-to-use system with components and filtering media preassembled at the plant – ensuring quality installations. Light and easy to handle, even in tight spaces.

See its installation!

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Ecoflo Bi-Layer – Concrete

Perfect for relatively impervious soils (clayey) or where the groundwater is high. The system is completely buried under ground (no bump). Thanks to its built-in pump, it takes up considerably less space.

See its installation!

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Ecoflo Bi-Layer – Fiberglass

Highly economical and assembled on site. This is the perfect system for permeable soils and it has a low footprint.

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Ecoflo, a septic system designed for individual dwellings

Are you planning the purchase of a septic system or the replacement of your existing system?

Premier Tech Aqua proposes the Ecoflo Biofilter, a highly reliable system that requires no energy supply to treat residential wastewater.

Visit Ecoflo Biofilter

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A complete service program that ensures the complete protection of the performances of wastewater treatment systems. Reliable tools adapted to all types of systems, equipment and septic services: septic tanks, trickling filters, aerated bioreactors, low pressure distribution and more.

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